Introduction Sconnect Team


Welcome to SConnect!

Established in 2015, We – SConnect Team counted up to 200 employees has been widely known as a business on Youtube platform with 6-year-experience in producing animation for Kids. Our mission is to inspire targeted audience – Kids – through effectively describing the typical character traits of children such as courage, teamwork, integrity, creativity, gratitude, humility, curiosity, perseverance, etc.

Up to now, SConnect has been listed in Top 10 companies in Video production and doing business on social platforms. We also proudly own WOANETWORK, a popular branding system with more than 10,000 videos.


Top 1 stop motion producer in the world with standardized process bringing high quality content.

Huge capabilty of production with more than 3000 videos.

Our Specialist Stop Motion team creates Character Development, Story-telling based on deeply understanding about Kids beahvior.

Top traffic: 350,000,000 views/month.

Stop Motion
2D Animation


2D Animation is the newest part of Sconnect’s production. We guarantee for the good 2D animation that is suitable for Kid’s behavior and the belief for Parents that their children are watching the safe contents.

  • Creative and appealing contents
  • Optimized cost with huge resources
  • Good skills of Frame-by-frame 2D animation
  • Top traffic: 200,000,000 views/month


Create and compile videos about funny babies, pets, beauty, animals …

Top traffic: 250,000,000 views/month

Produce more than 300 videos/month

Creative Editorial Content
Marketing System Sconnect


Understanding the target territorial markets and audience to quickly grasp trends and apply to develop new ideas, contributing to creating products that adapt the audience’s insights and the standards of production and content display platforms.

Owning and managing a network of quality channels which help promote new channels or potential projects effectively.


We have a professional music team as well as studio to create more than 100 soundtracks and sound effects, as well as 65 kids music.  The number of videos produced per month:

  • 60 videos 2D Kids Animation
  • 30 videos 2D Adults Animation
  • 70 videos Stop Motion Animation
  • 60 videos Animated Info
  • 60 videos Funny Tips
  • 30 videos Handmade
  • 300 videos Entertainment: Funny – Beauty – Baby – Animal
Huge music store